Abolfazl khosravi ابوالفضل خسروی

Abolfazl Khosravi

- Designer & Web Developer

I’m a 20 years old, graphic designer and web developer with +8 years and +5 years experience of freelancing & contributing to community.
I’m pursuing my dreams in Software engineering. 

Development Skills

Programming Languages: PHP, JavaScript (ES5 , ES6)
Framework: Yii2
Front-end: Vue.js, React (entry-level)
Database: MySQL
Practices: Linux administration, DevOps (entry-level),
Platforms: WordPress,GitLab

Design Skills

UI Design
UX Design (entry-level)
Visual Design
Visual Identify (entry-level)
Software:  Photoshop, illustrator, XD , Figma , Corel Draw

Computer Skills

Microsoft Office: Excel, Word, Access, Publisher, Visio, Power Point
OpenOffice: Calc, Writer, Base, Draw, Impress
Operation Systems: GNU Linux, Windows 
inux distribution:  Ubuntu, Debian, CentOs,
  -Windows: From windows 98 to Windows 10

- April 2019 up to now

Arike Gostaran Farayand Ltd. is an engineering company which started its activity in the fields of Industrial Automation & Instrumentation.  I am managing e-commerce tech-team to make the best e-commerce in this field. We used the WordPress to make a MVP, for developing this product we used PHP Yii2.

- November 2019

MY friend and me always thought we can’t find creative and attractive stickers in this country, So we started a web-site to design and sell this kind of laptop and phone stickers.

- March 2018 to April 2019

Dongipal was my first experience of joining a full time and serious team. I took the responsibility for developing back-end solutions using various technologies such as Yii2, Docker, etc. After a while because I wanted to experience a designer’s life I started working in digital marketing team.

- April 2018 to October 2019

With two of my friends, we ran a startup to make creative and  smart Card-Postal. Due to owing different attitudes with the other founders, I felt leaving Ranginer would be the best choice both for me and Ranginer in October 2019.

- From 2013 up to now
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E-mail: Abolfaazl[at]outlook[dot]com
Telegram: @abolfaazl_me
Instagram: @abolfaazl_me
Linkedin: Abolfaazl Khosravi (@abolfaazl)
Dribbble: @abolfaazl

GitLab: @aboflaazl
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